Computer Aided Practice

Like all students I was inspired by the playing and words of my wonderful teachers – not by a computer program! However at Dublin Trumpet Academy we believe that there is huge potential to use modern technologies in Music Education.  We bring these innovations together for you so that you have a richer musical experience in  your lessons and in your practice.


  • Our library of YouTube videos of technical know how

  • Video demonstrations of trumpet studies and repertoire

  • Apps for SmartPhone to help you practice

  • Interactive practice for PC and iPad using SmartMusic software

  • Get instant assessment from your computer and then with one click submit assignments for personalised feedback from me

  • Enroll as an online student at Dublin Trumpet Academy and I’ll send you tailored assignments direct to your inbox

  • Join our online ensembles. Jazz ensemble, Wind Band and more at a level to suit you

  • Multitracked trumpet duets, trios and quartets where you take the missing part

  • Our technical exercises PDFs and MP3 demos delivered to you with Dropbox software

  • We mentor your musical development guiding you through your musical listening journey with Spotify software



SmartMusic Interactive Practice Software

We think this software is a must for all students.  How often have you practised at home wondering if you are getting it right??  How often have you returned to your teacher and found that you have to undo your hard work to remove mistakes you’ve “practised in”.  This software very accurately assesses your practice takes and shows you where you are slipping up.

How SmartMusic works

How SmartMusic works